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Seere alone. Seere small. Here is dangerous. I go too.
— Golem

Golem is Seere's pact partner. He is depicted as an incredibly large being formed from earth and rock. His head and arms float around, not being attached to his body. Due to his large size, it is presumable that it is a very formidable opponent for Seere's opposition.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Golem and Seere sealed a pact together after the death of Seere's mother. Sometime after the fall of Seere's village, they encounter Caim and company. They join them in hope of finding Seere's lost sister.

Ending Paths

the Anguish of an unsmiling Watcher
Neither Seere nor Golem appear in the first ending of Drakengard, although Drakengard II seems to suggest they were recruited by the party anyway.

flowers for the Broken spirit
Seere and Golem accompany Caim until the final battle with Furiae. It can be assumed that they were eventually killed by the many clones of her monstrous form.

a Companion's eternal farewell
The uprising of the dragons probably resulted in Golem's untimely death.

the wild dreams of a Deluded child
Seere finally reunites with Manah only to feel more guilt seeing what became of her. Once he sees for himself that she is a lost cause, he gives up and permits Golem to kill her. After the death of the priestess, grotesqueries and the queen-beast enter the world from the crimson sky. Caim and the remanining party members devise a plan to place Seere on top of the Queen-beast, freezing the monster in time forever. Golem is presumably frozen in time along with everyone else.

the End of the dragon sphere
After the death of the priestess, grotesqueries and the queen-beast enter the world from the crimson sky. Instead of listening to Seere's tale of the Little Hero, Caim and the red dragon decide to attack the Queen-beast themselves, leaving Verdelet, Seere and his pact-beast behind to an uncertain fate.

Golem still serves as Seere's companion and friend, along with an army of many other golems.

Spoilers end here.


Ordinarily, golems are non-sentient and unthinking tools for the sorcerers who manipulate them. When Seere's mother sacrificed herself to form the pact between it and Seere, however, her dying will gifted this golem with a single emotion: sorrow.

Reacting to the sorrow it feels within Seere, Golem accepts his partner as his lone friend. Unlike most pact partner relationships, Golem is actually protective and caring of his partner, acting as a guardian in his parents' absence.


An artificial being created for war, Golem has immense physical strength which can be utilized in battle.


  • Mikhail had once said he met a golem. It didn't speak to him, but Mikhail explains its soul spoke.
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