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Golden Petals
Type: Combat Bracers
Weapon Status

Golden Petals is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


Drakengard 3[]

  • Heavy, claw-like bracers seemingly modelled after flowers.
  • Size: Medium to Large


Drakengard 3[]

  • Chapter 3, Verse 3 - Chest


Drakengard 3[]

  • 8-Hit Chain
  • 3-Hit Aerial Chain

Weapon History[]

Level 1

In a poor village deep in the arid mountains lived a devoted nun. Her quiet prayers soothed the hearts of the people, a lone flower blossoming in the wastelands of their minds.

Level 2

One day, disease struck the village. The victims shrivelled into mottled invalids before dying in enormous pain. And though the nun prayed and prayed, the illness ran rampant.

Level 3

As she prayed, buds began to sprout from the corpses. As each villager fell, new flowers grew, and soon the entire village was filled with their sweet aroma.

Level 4

None know what happened after that, but were the villagers' homes once stood, a vast field of flowers can now be seen, their forever-blossoming petals fluttering gently in the breeze.

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