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Gargoyles are a reoccurring enemy type in the Drakengard series.

Gargoyles are large creatures made of stone that become animated when night falls. They are first introduced in Drakengard as enemies in the black night skies of the Desert of the Moon aerial missions. They serve as a distraction for Caim while the Empire soldiers raid the desert seal. From then on, they appear as a common enemy.

In Drakengard 2, only the gargoyle cubes return as a common enemy in aerial missions.

In Drakengard 3, gargoyle cubes return once again as the only gargoyle type enemies. In Zero's Prologue, they are the main enemy during Zero and Michael's flight to Mt. Whatever. However, they also appear in ground missions as major parts of Three's puzzles in the Forest Ruins in Branch A and B.

Known Gargoyles[]