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Perhaps there's some magic here that reads our minds and brings our thoughts into being. One thing's for sure... If we can't beat the fake, we'll never defeat the real thing.
— One, Drakengard 3

The False Zero is an enemy modeled after Zero that is encountered by One and her Brother in the Forest of Trials. It can only be fought in the Drakengard 3 downloadable content, One's Prologue.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

One's Prologue

When One and her brother enter the Forest of Trials, they are attacked by an enemy that appears to be Zero. However, it was an illusion that was conjured by the forest's power. When the duo had awoken from their sleep, it was revealed that the encounter was a dream. Still in awe by the event, One's brother repeatedly tells Gabriella about the encounter, with an annoyed Gabriella complaining about his repeating stories.

Gabriella and One discuss the creator of the sorcery, with One snidely commenting on the fact that the sorcerer may have been killed by his own creation. The dragon moves onto the topic of an "army of Zeroes," with One immediately stating how they were all weak and could not compare to the strength of the real Zero. Gabriella tells One to give her and her Brother some credit for even surviving the illusion, implying that they could have potentially died in the forest. One thanks Gabriella for the sentiment, also giving credit to her Brother for his assistance. Gabriella tells One that it will continue to follow them on their travels, watching over the siblings as they slumber throughout the night.

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It retains Zero's appearance prior to the manifestation of the Flower in her eye and the loss of her arm. Presumably, this appearance stems from the fact that Zero has yet to have her fated encounter with her sisters at Cathedral City. Her face is covered by a cross-shaped mask that bears a closed eye.


The False Zero has the same powers and skills as the real Zero. In addition, it has the power to make clones of itself in order to confuse and overpower its opponents. However, all of its clones can't replicate the blood on it's sword.