False Pact is a weapon in Drakengard 3.



  • Chapter 4, Verse 4 - Gift from Cent.


Weapon History

Level 1
One of the villagers was a compulsive liar. He bandied a sword about carelessly, boasting of his demon-slaying exploits. Soon he had lost the truth of all his peers.

Level 2
One day, a traveler arrived asking the way to a lair of demons. The villagers were silent, but the great liar spoke. "Have no fear!" he said. "I will lead you to the demons' den!"

Level 3
The man lied and lied, and each time the traveler believed him, they became more lost. But when the liar finally showed the true path, he was forced to save the traveler from the demon.

Level 4
"I finally told the truth," said the dying liar, "and now I must pay for it." The traveler slayed the demon, became a hero, and has carried his new-found friend's sword ever since.

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