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Eternal Voice is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


  • N/A (translation pending)


  • Chapter 1, Verse 1 (Chest Item).


  • 8-hit
  • Aerial 3-hit
  • Maximum Spinslash: PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button
  • Helmcrusher: (Midair) An attack which slashes frontwards spinning in midair. Small attack area with high damage. Can slam launched enemy onto the ground.
  • Forward Spinslash: PS Square Button PS Triangle Button
  • Rising Spinslash: PS Square Button (PS Square Button) PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button One or two normal attacks followed by a spinning slash that launches enemies upwards. Can be followed with another aerial attack.

Weapon History[]

Level 1
A visitor? Ah, yes. Come hear the song, then. The innkeeper and her daughter will greet you warmly. Their food and drink is without compare, and the girl is a feast for the eyes.

Level 2
The girl's song is the best thing about the place. A single listen will drive all your troubles away. Did you know she has a sister? Ah, if only the sang a duet...

Level 3
Welcome back, traveler! It's been a while. Come to see the girls again? You certainly do like them! It's been decades since I first told you of them, and yet here you are again.

Level 4
What's that, traveler? You wonder why the girls never age? Ha ha ha! Those are the children of the girls you once knew! Surely you didn't think they were immortal! ...Did you?

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