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A female member of the Knights of the Seal.
She was raised by the knights from an early age, and her natural talent and refusal to be beaten have allowed her to realize her potential very quickly. Having already fashioned a glittering military career, she is the youngest person to attain the rank of commander. She is an old friends of Nowe's, and they were both tutored by the same knight.
— Official Website Description

Eris is a member of the Knights of the Seal and a childhood friend of Nowe.


Hey, don't forget about me! You know, I'm a fine seneschal-no, not merely fine. Outstanding!
— Eris to Nowe, Drakengard 2

Eris had been training to be a Knight of the Seals ever since she was a young girl. She became great friends with Nowe and even came to to know Urick. At a young age Nowe made a promise to protect her, a promise she has never forgotten. As the years went by, Eris was able to become a knight much faster than Nowe ever did.

Eris helped Nowe prepare to become a Knight and the two even defended the District of Shining Life from monsters. However, when Nowe became aware of the cruelty the Knights inflicted upon former imperial soldiers he began to doubt the knights, which greatly disturbed Eris.


Eris is a loyal member of the Knights and has a very close relationship with Nowe. Eris believes that the Knight's authority is absolute and is willing to dispose anyone who opposes the Knights such as when she turned against Urick when she learned of him abandoning the knights. She harbors romantic feelings for Nowe and has a grudge against Manah as she believes her to be the reason for Nowe leaving the knights.


Dengeki Online conducted a follow up interview series to their character popularity poll with series's producer Takamasa Shiba and series's character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka. Shiba feels she's a good character who wasn't used as much as he would have liked. Fujisaka states her personality and masculine allure were based on Casca from Berserk. She was given a skirt to contrast Manah's updated design and to fit with her "overachiever" traits.



  • Eris is great at starting fires, be it at a campsite, barbecue, or at a stake.
  • In Dengeki Online's character popularity poll, she was voted to eighth place by fans.
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