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A_5040_end : Ending A

Written and Drafted  by: Yoko Taro

Fan-Translated by:  Barnabism#5350

Olu Olu Olu Olu

La La La La

Olu Olu Olu Olu

La La La La

Low-hung shadows and high-pitched screams were meshed together within the darkness. A roar as deep as thunder, and a scream as sharp as lightning… Though where the voice had come from was left unclear. Thick and overlapping clouds mix smoothly together like watercolours, muddying the rays of the sun. Once and again, lighting hurried to illuminate the dimmed out earth below, but the gift of such light was thwarted by the thick fog from beneath.

The world was about to end. The maddened dragons, having taken human form, first began with eating humankind. They attacked every village, town and castle, repeatedly slaughtering and preying. The humans had resisted; fighting well in several battles, however… In the end they were unable to compete with the might of the world’s strongest creatures — Dragons — And within a short period of time, the humans were deprived of their title of  “Champions of Earth”.

The dragons that devoured humans had children, gave birth, and increased their numbers. Two times, four times, eight times, sixteen… The large number of dragons swelled, and filled the sky till it was black, ever-expanding and never waning. They searched, found, and killed all those who had hidden in caves or forests. It was hopeless holding them back, like a black tsunami. All the humans were devoured.

When the dragons had made humans disappear from the Earth, they began to prey on the animals of the earth, the trees in the forest, and more. After that, their mouths grew to fit in all the foggy forests, the hard rocky mountains, the dirtied mud, and the water of the sea. They no longer retained the shape of humans, but a large, whiling, organ-like object.

The lumps of meat grew eerily after repeated consumption, moulting ever further. They grew to the size of a towering mountain, and yet they still grew. The meat filled the horizon, singing incomprehensible songs, and gradually, it took on the form of a baby. Their fingers erase the earth beneath them as they cry, and the black miasma that came  exhaled from their mouth robs the sky of the sun. The temperature shifts suddenly, and the miasma formed a large tornado, destroying what little bits of life was left on Earth.

The forests, the seas, the streets, were all destroyed… But perhaps that star alone wasn’t enough. One of the babies opened its mouth, and began to eat the other babies.

The red dragon, in human form, sat from a high place in the ruins of the Earth and looked down at the infant’s maddened feast. She already knew how it would end.

After everything had been reduced to nothing, the babies eventually began to disappear, themselves. The disease was “Made” to develop in such ways, after all... Now that she had taken the form of a human, it was clear — The crazed dragons became people, transforming from person to baby… And continued to change as time went on. The babies gathered together, beginning to gradually form a large sphere. A seed. A device to make this world “Unborn”, to restore everything to its original state. To end it.

The battle between the crazed dragons and humankind had come to a close, ending with the defeat of the human race.

The last-minute pain spread to the limbs of the red dragon, the poison that had been sprinkled from the black dragon nearly about to take over her body. With clenched teeth, her eyes dropped to her lap where she found the remains of Caim, his eyes quietly closed. The sadness, the anger, and other such intense emotions no longer bursting forth. Indeed, that quiet, dead face  instinctively made her want to berate and curse at him, a soldier who even after death, still held his sword in his left hand. His fingers tied themselves tightly to the grip, blood leaking through the gaps. Even though his hands were skinned and his nails were gone, it was still as though he was fighting something…

“... Hmph. You did your best…”

Spreading each finger out one by one, she heard a dry and crisp sound of blood. Eventually, the sword was peeled from the man’s palm, and fell away… The blade that was lacking in chips or damage, and the handle that had grown completely soiled with the fat and blood of dragons. Such a dirty little thing was the only remaining proof left behind from this man.

The wind blew. She slowly bundled her red hair in the fingers of his left hand.

“After all this time, I had not told you. My name…”

Picking up the man’s sword with her right hand, she placed the blade to her hair and slowly, she cut it off. A bundle of red threads, like a roll of tiny golden scales. She placed her hair on his palm, crawling slowly over the man’s body.

His body looked horrible. His right arm was torn off with the shoulder, and the remaining entrails and organs hung down from his abdomen. More than half had been eaten by dragons. Long hair wrapped around that injured body.

Eventually, as the red hair shimmered, the man’s body began to burn.

When I was desperate and set to disappear from this world, feeling lethargic and misanthropic, I met him on that snowy mountain.

At first, I couldn’t understand that man at all. Generally, humans that encountered dragons tended to  take two kinds of actions — Would he stand in awe and subordination? Or leave himself to anger and attack? It would be one of those two.

But, this man behaved completely differently. He had no consideration for his own life; all this man wanted was the power of a dragon. The man didn’t think of himself, but only of the darkness of the revenge that lay beyond him.

It was a complex emotion that rested between justice and hatred.

And those days of slaughter gave birth to hatred, which eroded the spirit of the man.

One time, he burned down all the harmless natives of the forest, and enemy soldiers with them. Another time, he sacrificed all his companions just to get a powerful weapon. Every time, he didn’t hesitate to throw something away in order to get something else.

But, through it all… How was I? At that time, I had given up on everything and spent all my time in a rock hole, a land of loneliness I had arrived at after being left exhausted from war.

At first, I held no interest in this man…. No, humans had made me grow tired of this world. But, this man had dragged me from the cave and threw me back into the war.

In harsh battles and gritty situations, I felt the fire light up in my heart again, shaking the cruel thoughts I had held that said it made no sense to live. As the man gradually broke and lost his soul, I, in turn, had regained my own.

And, now…. Now, I feel like I’ve finally realised the darkness Caim was trapped in.

Her body was in deep pain.

She wanted to immerse herself in the afterglow a little more.

She wanted to share this time with him, the time when all mankind turned to ash.

…. But, there wasn’t much left.

She undid the last lock left in her body.

A black pattern spread from the tips of her fingers, and the urge to devour everything erupted from the depths of her heart. The sensation of her instinct being forcibly rewritten made her nauseous. She had to do it while she was still herself.

“Shall we go, now….?”

She gently lay the burnt remains of Caim on the ground.

The huge sphere, made from the cluster of oddly-shaped babies, swayed ahead of the soaring sparks.

Farewell, humans.

Farewell, dragons.

This was the end of the world.

She grasped the sword, and slowly spread her wings.

Her whole body was wrapped within black flames.

Farewell, my friend.

The red dragon took off, heading towards the end of the storm.

A twisted smile was stuck to her face.

It was a smile like that man’s, burning with revenge.