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Duchess's Dance is a weapon that first appears in Drakengard 3.


  • N/A (translation pending)


  • Chapter 5, Verse 3 - Accord's Shop (37800 Gold)


  • 5-Hit Chain
  • Template:Meteor Crash
  • Template:Whirlwind Strike
  • Template:Ring Toss
  • Template:Aerial Swirl
  • Template:Aerial Cyclone

Weapon History[]

Level 1
"Don the frilly dress." "Put the fetching bows in your hair." "Slip on your finest shoes." "Use your voice." "Flash your smile." "Close in on the target." "Whisper love in his ear."

Level 2
"Pluck feathers from an extinct bird." "Make a coat from the pelts of tiny creatures." "Sprinkle your petals on the water." "Sing the minstrel's love song just as it was taught to you."

Level 3
Many men have knelt before me, their rough voices begging for my love, their lips fumbling trite poetry. Every man is the same. Every day is the same. Every gilded, tiresome day.

Level 4
Can anyone slash this routine? Can any bedecked blade cleave it in twain? I do not wish for such an end, and yet as I watch these wretches writhing in the road like maggots...

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