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Dream Blossom

Dream Blossom is a weapon in Drakengard 2.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Long range. Possesses a great variety of attacks.


Drakengard 2[]

  • Tornado's Eye: Conjures a giant tornado that sucks up enemies.


Drakengard 2[]


Drakengard 2[]

  • Dancer's Fury: The standard five-hit combination for all rods.
  • Thunderfire: In the five-hit linear attack combination, Manah slams her staff on the ground, sending a shockwave forward.
  • Tailwind Blade: In this combination, Manah runs forward and knocks the enemy into the air before performing a wide-sweeping attack with her staff.
  • Tornado Blade: A slow attack combination where Manah pole vaults forward using her spear, and swings around to do heavy damage to enemies in the area.

Weapon History[]

Level 1

In a far-eastern land, there lived a king, who made a pact with a spirit to acquire the strength he needed to protect his kingdom. He would be absent for months, defending the borders of his realm against demonic incursions. He spent so little time in the capital, in fact, that many of his subjects did not even know his face.

Level 2

One such subject was a renowned female warrior, whose heroic exploits were famous throughout the kingdom. During the season of spring blossom, she demonstrated her skills with a staff before the king. Though each had heard stories about the other before that day, they had never actually met.

Level 3

It was love at first sight. In the space of a moment, the two heroes were under each other’s spell. The warrior exchanged the ring that adorned her staff – a priceless heirloom that had been in her family for generation – for the king’s ornate blade, and they vowed to fight, side by side, to protect the kingdom.

Level 4

Despite their effort, the demons gained ground in the years that followed. Town and villages were destroyed and eventually the capital fell. The lovers fought on until the very end, but when the dust of the final battle settled, all that remained was a staff bearing the words: “If we should part, we’ll

meet again, beneath the blossom.”

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