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The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in the Drakengard series. They are grouped by families or groups and roughly in order of first appearances. Characters only mentioned but never seen in any of the series will not be displayed (i.e. Inuart's father). In some cases, however, if a character's fate is revealed, but they are not seen in that installment, they will still be displayed (Ex: Verdelet in DOD2)

Living characters appear in green.
Deceased characters appear in red with italics.
Characters with player determined status' appear in purple.
Characters with an unknown fate appear in blue.
Characters with unique statuses will appear in green with italics. (Ex: Undead, Petrified)


The Royal Family of Caerleon[]


Seere's Family[]

Pact Partners[]

Drakengard 2[]

Nowe's Family[]

Knights of the Seal[]

Seere's Family[]

Pact Partners / Allies[]

Drakengard 3[]

The Intoners[]

The Dragons[]



Drag-On Dragoon Shi ni Itaru Aka[]

One's Family[]

Nero's Family[]

The Royal Family of Caerleon[]


Drakengard 1.3[]

The Royal Family of Caerleon[]