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This is a list of quotes from Drakengard 3.

Land of Seas[]

  • Zero: Shit! Why aren't these idiots dying faster?
  • Zero: You losers are way too tough for grunts, you know that?
  • Zero: Nnngh! Why am I so goddamn out of shape!?
  • Zero: Ugh! I can't deal with this shit anymore!
  • Zero: Man, what a prick! But I could really make use of that strength...
  • Michael: Do you humans always attack creatures as they peacefully soar through the sky?
    My name is Michael. If you enjoy killing each other as much as you seem to,
    perhaps you'd allow me to join in on the fun!
  • Michael: Halt! You cannot escape me!

  • Zero: Little bastards... your faces just want to make me puke!
    Soldier: But... you can't even see our faces!
  • Soldier (1): Are we just cannonfire fodder for Lady Caerula?
    Soldier (2): I wouldn't be surprised. Our leader is heartless!
  • Soldier: We don't have to just blindly follow whatever Lady Caerula says!
  • Soldier (1): There's no sense in staying here and getting pummeled!
    Soldier (2): I know that. But you heard Lady Caerula's order... Gah...
  • Soldier (1): We gotta keep attacking!
    Soldier (2): But Lady Caerula wants us to pull back!
    Soldier (3): So what!? Keep pushing!
    Soldier (4): Are you insane!?
  • Soldier (1): Is that dragon fighting for the girl!?
    Soldier (2): Is she some kind of dragon tamer!?
    Soldier (3): Impossible! You can't just control a dragon!
  • Michael: You. The girl in white. Who are you? You think to give me orders? Me? An 8000 year-old dragon? Witness the power of my fire as I turn you all to ash!
    Zero: Goddamnit! What are you doing!?
    Michael: Stand still girl, so I may smite you! I can't smite you unless you stop moving!
    Zero: Not gonna happen, dumbass!
  • Zero: Hey! Hey, dragon! I'm still alive, you know!
    Michael: Foolish girl! You dare taunt ME!? The mightiest of the noble dragon race? Your death is nigh! My crimson flames shall serve as your funeral fire!
    Zero: It's "funeral pyre", you moron!
    Michael: Gya. Damn you! Shut your insolent mouth at once!

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