is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Lightweight and sends enemies into the air.



  • Pixie Wings: Sends spheres of magic light out to attack enemies.



  • Free Mission: The Silent Forest - Valley of the Faeries
Kill all enemies around the shrine. The box WILL appear inside the shrine upon doing so.

Weapon History

Level 1

This is a mace made from the scales of a dragon. In an age long before the founding of the Union and Empire, man lived in terror of the subhumans.

Level 2

Tired of the oppression of the beasts, the people turned to a nameless young hero to throw off their yoke. To gain the strength he needed, the warrior resolved to enter a pact with a dragon.

Level 3

He challenged the dragon again and again, and lost again and again. Though he eventually beat the dragon, the creature was already pact-beast to another and victory was in vain.

Level 4

But in recompense, the dragon offered a piece of her own wing. Armed with the mace forged of dragon flesh, the warrior battled the subhumans and brought peace to mankind.