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Dragons (Drakengard 2)
The strongest of all monsters. Possessing great intelligence, they live up in highlands and among the clouds, far away from human settlements. Ancient dragons and other subspecies also exist.
— Official Game Definition, Drakengard 3

Dragons are a much feared race seen throughout the Drakengard series. Their overwhelming vitality and power is instinctively understood by all the other species. They are central to the story of the entire Drakengard series, being the partners of each protagonist and with one being instrumental in creating the alternate timeline in which Nier takes place.


The Dragons were originally created to be the servants and "Messengers" of the gods alongside the Watchers: both were created to aid in guarding the world and eventually destroying mankind. But despite their origins, the Dragons wish to rebel and take control of the world. They are, according to Legna, the ones who created humans, though from what and whether this is actually the truth given the Dragons' own origins is left ambiguous. If they are called to do so, they will still answer the call of their creator and fulfill their purpose.

As the most powerful creatures on the planet, with absolute confidence in their own power, dragons hold a severe degree of pride in themselves. From a dragon's point of view, humans and the like, whose egos alone developed abnormally, are exceedingly inferior creatures: this, according to some, is directly in line with the gods' view of such beings. Dragons are capable of altering their form to suit the environment; according to Legna, it is their bloody memory that allows them to stand firm in times of hardship. Although they may seem to have male or female-like traits or personalities, they are a sexless race.

Dragons are also said to possess a subconscious desire to consume an Intoner, once again referring to the rivalry between the dragons and the Flower.


According to Verdelet, the color of a dragon's scales signifies its traits.

Black Dragons[]

Among those of the dragon tribe, the most belligerent and warlike of them is a race called the Black Dragon. They eat humans by preference, due to their exceedingly cruel nature. Like other dragon tribes, they fundamentally dislike relations with humans, but they have since some time ago held an intimate relationship with the Cult of Watchers: this is likely due to the connection the Dragon race has with the gods, and the fact that the Cult of Watchers is driven by the gods and their servants the Watchers.

Holy Dragons[]


Holy Dragon

The Holy Dragons appear to be the leaders of the Dragon race, being the most respected and the chosen guardians of the Dragon Fortress, where the Book of Seeds resides. They also act as the planned vanguard for the assault on the Watchers and the gods when the Dragons' plans for rebellion come to fruition. As seen in Drakengard 2, a dragon from another tribe has the ability to evolve into a Holy Dragon using their blood memory. It is possible, given his appearance and skin color, that Michael/Mikhail is one of the Holy Dragons, but this has yet to be officially confirmed.


Wyrms are an ancient, mythical race of dragons. According to Angelus, it is considered terrible to attack a sacred dragon like the Wyrm, and the mere sight of one strikes fear into the hearts of the mightiest of dragons.


Wyverns are dragon-like creatures that are incapable of speech and understanding of language.


Proud to hold the highest ability of all living creatures when it comes to offensive ability, stamina, and vitality, and boasting unparalleled flying power, Dragons are without doubt the most powerful weapons. They all possess the ability to attack using fireballs, and can also use their physical strength in battle. Their strength is greatly increased by a pact with a human, but such events are rare given their attitude to humans. Dragons can also reincarnate themselves using a "final wish" if their current form is severely wounded, at the cost of their original personality. A dragon's Final Wish can also be used to fulfill something else, but this gives up their ability to reincarnate.


  • A dragon's weak point is generally the area under its chins. Two well-placed arrows can end up doing a lot of damage; if these arrows are somehow magically enhanced, they could even prove deadly.
  • Elf blood is a poison that nullifies a dragon's strength. The Empire killed many elves to neutralize Caim's dragon during their conflict with the Union.


Enemy dragons, including Angelus in Drakengard 2, feature many of the same abilities as the playable dragons. However, their homing attacks are far less persistent than the player's. In Drakengard 2, an effective strategy is to keep flinging homing fire at them, as they will typically spend too much time dodging in vain than attacking.

Known Dragons[]



  • The names of dragons in the series so far revolve around "Angels".
    • "Angelus" is the English name for the Red Dragon, but is simply called "Angel" in Japanese.
    • Reversely, Legna is 'Angel' spelled backwards.
    • Mikhail is the name of the Islamic Angel of Karma and a variant of "Michael."
    • Michael and Gabriel are the names of the most powerful Archangels in Christianity.
      • Gabriella is the feminine variant for Gabriel in other faiths.
      • Raphael is among them, who is a giant spider in game.
    • Ezrael is the Angel of Death.
    • Zophiel is an archangel, and companion to Metatron.
  • In the year 6230 of the Nier timeline, weapons made to resemble dragons are used by the Army of Humanity to battle extraterrestrial invaders. According to Yoko Taro, these weapons may be related to the dragons of the Drakengard world.[1]


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