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That mysterious guy, dressed only in a cloak.
Volume: 2
Chapter: 6
Japanese Title: 気になる彼は、全裸にマント。
Rōmaji Title: ki ni naru kare wa, zen hadaka ni manto
Pages: 30
Publisher: Big GanGan - Vol.11
Date Released: October 25, 2013
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The chapter opens to the introduction of the other Lords of the Land as they close in upon the Mercurius Gate to open it for themselves.

Shortly after, we see a brief flashback scene of how Gabriella protected One as the now young form of Bartas continued his attack until they escaped. Back in the present, One realizes that one month has passed since her initial battle with Bartas.

During the conversation between she and Gabriella, One comes to understand why she entered into a berserker-type Utautai Mode: it was mostly because she was already far beyond her own limits to continue using the magic. Eventually, One reasserts her mission: to defeat the remaining Lords of the Land and ultimately to defeat Zero. When questioned why she must kill her own sister, One replies that it is due to the fate of the Utautai. She is thusly compelled to grow stronger and protect the world. That is when Gabriella offers to bring One to the Mercurius Gate within the Cathedral City in order to obtain more power.

The conclusion of the chapter depicts Caerula leading Gray and Shaxor toward the Mercurius Gate. She explains that the gate is protected by three other doors. One was already destroyed when she first arrived on the spot, the other she destroyed with her magic, which leaves the final door although she was unable to open it. Once Bartas and the Faerie rejoin them, Caerula instructs Bartas to read. Bartas begins to read the language of the old world to interface with the technology keeping the final door closed.


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