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The Man with Glasses and the Dragon.
Volume: 1
Chapter: 3
Japanese Title: めがね男とドラゴンと。
Rōmaji Title: Megane otoko to doragon to.
Pages: 28
Publisher: Big GanGan - Vol.07
Date Released: June 25, 2013
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Bass's Servant approaches the Intoners and introduces himself as Partition. He claims that he was forced to be Bass's assistant. Now free, he wishes to follow the Intoners on there journey. The sisters initially don't trust him and suggest to kill him. Partition then uses his magic to heal One's wounded hand, quickly gaining the trust of her sisters. They commandeer one of Bass's ships and set sales to the Cathedral City.

As they sale, Partition observes the Intoners' behavior. He notices the growth in parts of there bodies, such as Two's muscles, Four's nails, Three's hair, and Five's breasts.

Suddenly, One accuses Three of taking something from the castle. Three's shows one of the dolls made from human skin, much to her sisters' disgust. Three runs to the front of the ship insisting on keeping it. One tries to follow after her but is suddenly ensnared by a monster squid's tentacle. The beast drags her down into the ocean which cause her sisters to go into a panic. They frantically throw objects overboard in hopes of helping her, but it is too late.

Elsewhere, One washes ashore stabbing the squid in the eye with a harpoon. While One tries to figure a way back to her sisters, the squid raises its tentacle. Just as it is about to attack, a dragon swoops down and crushes the beast beneath its talons. The dragon and One mean eyes.


Main Characters[]

Support Characters[]

Villain Characters[]

  • Monster Squid
  • Bass (cameo)




  • Four assaults Five for making a lewd comment.
  • Two, Four and Five are frightened by One's accusation of Three.
  • When One is overboard, Partition is asked to help but is unable to help.
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