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Idiots Must Die to be Healed.
Volume: 1
Chapter: 2
Japanese Title: バカは死ななきゃ治らない。
Rōmaji Title: Baka wa Shinanakya Naoranai.
Pages: 28
Publisher: Young Gan Gan - Vol.06
Date Released: May 25, 2013
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The Intoners face off against Bass. Three is asked to assist but declines do to her fatigue. Two is caught off guard is unable to sing. One save Two from Bass's attack at the last moment. Five uses her song but Bass quickly detached the arms and legs of his giant golem and evades the attack. Bass then unleashes an energy blast from the golem's cannon. Four uses her song to protect her sisters and deflects the blast. However, the blast shoots off the roof of a near by tower, causing it to fall toward them. One rushes to their rescue and is seemingly crushed along with Three, Four and Five. Believing them to be dead, Two begins to cry. However, they emerge from the rubble unharmed, thanks to One's spell. One sings and draws her sword. With her power she hacks off piece of the golem.

Bass's servant watches from a crystal ball. He observes that the Intoners' magic comes from singing, which greatly increases their strength and speed. He realizes that the drawback to using such powerful magic is that their endurance will not allow them to use such skills for an extended period of time. Noting this for future reference, he quietly leaves the scene.

One plunges her sword into the golem's chest and tears apart it's core with her bare hands. With the golem destroyed, Bass is left defenceless. As One approaches, he begins to beg for his life. One lifts his head and smashes it into the wall.

As her sisters cheer, One falls to her knees due to her injuries. She then senses someone lurking from behind and demands that they show themselves. It is revealed to be Bass's servant.


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  • Bass is continually infatuated with the sisters until he begins to lose the fight.
  • When One sings, a ribbon with Celestial Runes on them wraps around her body.
  • Bass still uses a telescope to gawk at the sisters, despite being in close proximity.
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