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In the Name of the Dragoon, I Shall Punish You
Volume: 1
Chapter: 0
Japanese Title: 竜に代わっておしおきよ。
Rōmaji Title: Ryuu ni kawatte oshioki yo
Pages: 13
Publisher: Big GanGan
Date Released: Vol.04 - March 25, 2013
Chapter Chronology
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In a stage theater setting, an audience takes their seats. The Intoners come out on stage and introduce themselves one at a time. One debuts herself as the main character, saying that her image color is Carmine Red and displays her special power: Heart Red Sword. Next is Two, whose image color is Aqua Blue and displays her power: Blue Ice Fist. Three falls asleep in the middle of her introduction, making Two carry her off stage. Four states her color is emerald green and her special skill is Grass Green Wall. Last is Five, who states she is the youngest and provides sex appeal. She then goes on to say that she has the biggest breasts and gropes Four's chest who then chastizes Five.

With introductions over, the sisters state that they are going to work hard to become "dancing and singing magical girls". They also state that they wish to recruit more members to the group by even traveling to other planets. One rejects this idea, however, and strikes Four and Five for complaining.

One moves on to explain that their story is to go on a journey and fight evil. Her sisters add that it is a love story, after which One strikes them all for claiming she'd approve.

They then mention that they need an animal mascot. Two, Four, and Five make their suggestions, however One reminds them that they already have a mascot, Gabriella. One calls to her dragon companion but she does not come. Her house is seen with the door closed and a sign that says, "Don't Wake Me!". The sisters then claim they should forget her. Five says it's abandonment and earns a third strike from Four. One says she's making a call to the editor.

The chapter concludes with the group bowing to the audience and a final pose before stating the catch of the chapter: "In the Name of the Dragoon, We Shall Punish You!"


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  • The Intoner's special abilities are only seen in this Chapter
    • One's Heart Red Sword
    • Two's Ice Blue Fist
    • Four's Green Wall
  • The silhouettes of the animal mascots are:
    • Luna (Sailor Moon)
    • Kyubey (Magical Madoka)
    • Uso (Vivid Red Operation)


The Intoner Five
Lords of the Land
Other Characters