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Drag-On Dragoon Utahime Five, translated as Drakengard: Five Intoners, is the second manga serialization for Drakengard 3, the other being Drag-On Dragoon Shi ni Itaru Aka. This manga has a slightly lighter tone.


The story takes place when One and her sisters are children. They use their powers to try to be a band of wandering superheroes. Their first case has the group help a mother search for her young daughter who went missing in Land of Sands. One and company raid the castle only to find the children's remains. The Intoners then punish the castle lord, Bass.

They leave the Land of Sands to head towards the Capital. On the boat ride, One is dragged overboard by a kraken-like monster. She defeats it and arrives to an unknown island. A dragon watches her.


DODU5 Zero

Intoners of Drag-On Dragoon Utahime Five.

Intoners and Friends[]

Lords of the Land []

These are the characters who rule over each region of the world and their allies.

  • Bass (ベイス) - Governs the Land of Sands. He captures and kills children to use their corpses to create macabre works of art. He has claimed at least fifty victims for his obsession. 
  • Gray (グレイ) - Lord of the Land of Mountains. 44 years old.
  • Shaxor (シャホル) - Lord of the Land of Forests and Gray's son. 8 years old. Hebrew for "black".
  • Caerula (カエルラ) - Ruler of the Land of Seas. Age unknown. Latin for "sky blue". She acts as the leader of the Lords of the Land.
  • Partition (パルティシオン) - Bass's servant who has magical powers. Offers his services to One and company and tags along with them after Bass's demise.
  • Bartas (バルタス) - A man found within the inner walls in the Holy Capital. His companion is a Faerie. He aids the Lords of the Lands in their mission to open the Mercurius Gate in order to obtain ultimate knowledge and power. He is a remnant from the Old World.

Arch Enemies []

The ultimate enemies of the Intoner Five.


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  • No. 7's face makes a cameo appearance in Chapter 0 as the sun.
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