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Drag-On Dragoon Judgement, also known as Drakengard: Judgement, is a prequel to Drakengard published in 2004 on Square Enix's Gangan YG magazine.

As most official materials contradict its events, Judgment is largely ignored by Drakengard lore. The manga was canceled after two chapters.


The series focuses on Caim and Furiae before the events of Drakengard.

Their father Gaap, the King of Caerleon, has promised Furiae's hand in marriage to Inuart, the son of Lord Ipris.

Ipris trains Caim and Inuart with swords to prepare for the Union's war against the rising Empire. While the Hierarch of the Seal, Verdelet, is away trying to restore the seals that the Empire has broken, Gaap cheats on the Queen of Caerleon with Asherah, the Goddess of the Seals, unaware that his wife knows of the affair.

Some time later, Furiae has had her first menstrual cycle (or "become a woman"); her wedding preparations happen during the Empire's first attack on the Union. As part of that, the Queen chooses a man to take Furiae's virginity — to her chagrin, as Furiae has sexual and romantic feelings for Caim.

Asherah dies, and Verdelet panics while he searches for her successor. Caim, having learned of Furiae's wedding preparations, rushes into her room to find her unknown partner fleeing in fear. The Seal appears on Furiae's belly, marking her as the new Goddess.

Caim chases Furiae's partner down and kills him, but rumors about Furiae begin spreading throughout Caerleon.


  • Caim - The Prince of Caerleon, main protagonist of the first game.
  • Furiae - Caim's sister, the Princess of Caerleon.
  • Inuart - Caim's best friend and Furiae's betrothed.
  • Gaap - Caim's father, king of Caerleon.
  • The Queen - Gaap's wife, the mother of Caim and Furiae.
  • Ipris - Inuart's father.
  • Asherah - The Goddess of the Seal.
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