Drakengard: Judgement
Japanese: ドラッグオンドラグーン ジャッジメント
Rōmaji: Doraggu-on Doraguun Jajjimento
Author: Sawako Natori
Illustrator: Terada Toru
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Seinen, Tragedy
Type: Manga
Status: Canceled
Issues: 1-2
Drag-On Dragoon Judgement, also known as Drakengard: Judgement, is a prequel to the first Drakengard game. It was to serve as an introduction to Caim's family and typical life before the game. It was canceled after the second chapter was released. The events in the manga are often not considered canon due to conflicts with other story materials.


Caim and Furiae are siblings that are royalty from the Kingdom of Caerleon. Their father, King Gaap, has promised Furiae's hand in marriage to a local lord called Ipris' son, Inuart. Ipris trains Caim and Inuart in swordplay in order to properly defend the kingdom when the time comes for war with the new sovereign Empire that has been gaining ground against the Union, of which Caerleon is a part of. Gaap has been cheating on his wife with the Goddess Asherah, while the High Priest of the Seal is away trying to restore the Seals that the Empire has broken. Gaap thinks his wife doesn't know he's been cheating, but she does. Some time later, Furiae has become a woman (in other words, has just had a first menstral cycle before her 14th birthday) and is now able to be wed off to Inuart. They were making wedding preparations when the Empire has surrounded and attacked the kingdom (for about a week). During this time, the Queen has been training Furiae in preparation of her bridal night and given how the Queen worded it - Furiae was under the impression that she could pick any man to take her virginity as an old custom in the Kingdom, meaning that she could pick her brother Caim, who she has an infatuation with - but her mother prevented that from happening.

The Goddess of the Seal dies and the priests are looking for the new one. Caim runs into his sister's room after he finds out she's having sex with a man that their mother had chosen. The mark appears on her body, identifying her as the new Goddess. The man runs away, but Caim chases him down and kills him. Later, a rumor about Furiae starts spreading throughout Caerleon.


  • Caim - The Prince of Caerleon, main protagonist of the first game.
  • Furiae - Caim's sister, the Princess of Caerleon.
  • Inuart - Caim's best friend and Furiae's betrothed.
  • Gaap - Caim's father, king of Caerleon.
  • The Queen - Gaap's wife, the mother of Caim and Furiae.
  • Ipris - Inuart's father.
  • Asherah - The Goddess of the Seal.
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