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Disciples of Drakengard 3.

Disciples cannot disobey their Intoners. That’s right... I can’t raise so much as a finger against this woman. I am made to act the way she pleases, to say words that delight her. I am a perfect slave.
— Dito, This Repulsive World.

A Disciple (使徒 Shito?, "Apostle") is a being introduced in Drakengard 3 that exists to protect an Intoner and functions as a tool to control the Flower's influence and regulate the Intoners' high sex drive. They were created by Zero as a means to siphon off the sisters' rampaging power in order to kill them. Despite being Disciples, their role in the story is more prominent than their previous Intoners, as the Intoners served as a plot device for Zero, but the Disciples become her comrades throughout the story.


Maybe he really is hesitating. Dito is my disciple, after all. A disciple is enslaved by his Intoner. He is forbidden to go against my word. A disciple must perpetually serve the Intoner, day and night.
— Five, My Favorite Things

Each Intoner is granted a disciple to assist her in her duties, as well as to protect her from harm. They function through the Intoner as a summoner of sorts, utilizing an Intoner's natural gift for Song to summon angels without the restrictions that accompany a pact or a seal. Disciples who decide to summon such beasts without the power of an Intoner may suffer a negative-feedback of sorts, essentially losing their life as a disciple and turning into a white dove. Other instances of turning into a white dove include the fulfillment of a disciple's purpose in serving their Intoner or a disciple being unable to retain their human form due to having lost their Intoner. Disciples were always intended to be paired with certain Intoners because the Intoners used their power of song to maintain the disciples' human forms.

It is mentioned that a disciple's personality is shaped by the Intoner they are with, as in the case of Dito who alleges that Five brainwashes him to be her every desire. Although held fervently to the needs of their Intoners, disciples retain a sense of awareness, possessing distinct personalities that can potentially clash or agree with their respective Intoner. Some are more prevalent towards their duty of relieving the sexual desires of their Intoners, as illustrated by the casual nature of Octa asking his Intoner for sex.

A disciple's loyalty to an Intoner is absolute and as such, they can never defy the Intoner they serve. Upon the defeat or death of an Intoner however, disciples may be relieved of their duty to the aforementioned, choosing to serve with another Intoner within close proximity. Some disciples may also be released of the enchantment that binds them from disobeying their Intoners, as illustrated in the case of Dito butchering Five's carcass following her death. They are skilled in a variety of weapons and healing magic, supporting their Intoner in battle whenever they are able.

Known Disciples[]