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The Temple of the Desert is a location in Desert of the Moon.

The story separates this map into three major locations: The Imperial Prison, the Desert Temple, and the Imperial Gaol. The desert seal is located at the Temple.


After suddenly losing contact with Verdelet, to whom he had entrusted Furiae and Inuart, Caim immediately flies to the desert. Once he finds that Furiae is safe, he sets out to rescue Verdelet from the Imperial Prison. Once the Hierarch is saved, he urges Caim to protect the seals while also encouraging him to show mercy to the enemy soldiers.

If they follow Arioch, they will move to protect the Temple on the Ocean. If not, they stay and protect the desert temple from the empire.

When Caim arrives at the seal, it is surrounded by imperial soldiers, whom he cuts his way through to reach the altar. During the skirmish, they find Inuart's harp buried in the sand, with no sign of his capture. As Caim and Verdelet approach the seal and see it unharmed, wraiths from hell rise from the ground. Soon, the Imperial commanders arrive and break the seal. With the battle lost, Caim and Verdelet return to Furiae.

While they worry for Inuart's safety, Verdelet hears a voice and urges them to search for the source of the voice. They arrive at an Imperial Gaol which had been raided by the Union. Searching the gaol ruins, they find an elf woman named Arioch, who was the source of the voice. In her madness she attacks Caim attempting to eat him. Verdelet places a lock spell on her in order to stop her. With her rescue, they leave the desert.


  • Though the major events of this stage are separated into three parts, all of the locations are on one map large.