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The Imperial Gaol is a location in the Desert of the Moon. It is a part of the Temple of the Desert map.

It is a gaol occupied by the Empire. While a part of the desert temple map, it is shrouded in darkness and hidden behind a narrow passage in the desert.


After Arioch's home was attacked and her family killed by the Empire, she was taken prisoner in the gaol. There she went mad, filing its halls with deranged laughter. Sometime after, the Union attacks the gaol, killing many of the occupants. In the rubble of the gaol, Arioch meets two spirits of water and fire and forms a pact with them, with the price being her womb.

Caim and Verdelet come the gaol ruins in search of a strange voice and find Arioch and her new pact-partners. In the absence of children, Arioch attempts to eat Caim. However, Verdelet places a lock spell on her in order to stop her. With her rescue, they leave the desert.