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The Cult of the Watchers, also known as the Church of Angels, are a mysterious group that worship entities they refer to as the Watchers. The Cult was formed after the death of the Intoners in A.D. 1000 by One, in honor of his sister and the watcher Gabriel. The symbol of the Cult are the Three-Eyed Twins, One and his sister together as one.

The cult is responsible for the creation of the Seals and Goddess system that protects the world from the Seeds that would bring destruction upon it. It was led by One until he was exiled. Later, his children and their descendants would lead the cult as High Priests or Priestesses.

Many years from One's exile, it becomes the force behind the Empire and the main cause for the war with the Union. During the events of Drakengard, the cult wishes for the destruction of the seals in order to release the Seeds of Resurrection upon the world. The cult itself is composed of mages with abilities that draw upon the powers of the dark arts.

Speak not the Watchers,
Draw not the Watchers,
Write not the Watchers,
Sculpt not the Watchers,
Sing not the Watchers,
Call not the Watchers' name.
— The commandments of the Cult.

The meaning of the Cult of Watchers' commandments is not that it would be sacrilege to depict the Watchers, but rather that even doing nothing, belief (or rather, infection) will naturally spread.

Red Eye Disease[]

In Branch A of Drakengard 3, the followers of the cult are infected by the Red Eye disease, which eventually turns them into mindless drones, robbed of any free will and sanity. One revealed to be the sources of the virus and is used by Nero to spread the infection. This leads to the events of Drakengard 1.3 and the branches related to those versions of events. Their only purpose is to do the Watchers' bidding. They also made up the leading governing structure of the Empire

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