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The Coliseum is a location in Drakengard.


The Coliseum was used by subhumans for competitive battles to the death. When Seere was kidnapped by Gryphons, he was sent to the Coliseum King to be a prize for the winner. Caim and his party participated in the tournament in order to save Seere from his captivity. In doing so, however, they had lost their chance to save a seal from being broken.

Caim faces 10 waves of subhuman enemies while fighting in the arena. Many of them fight in teams:

  1. Goblins
  2. The Black Ogre
  3. The Five Giant Brothers (Silver Ogres)
  4. The Three Beautiful Sisters of Death (10 Crimson Goblins, 3 Crimson Orcs)
  5. Coliseum Sentries (2 Trolls, 12 Goblin Leaders)
  6. Unbeatable Red Trio (3 Crimson Goblins)
  7. Husband-and-Wife Ogre Gladiators (1 Silver Ogre, 1 Black Ogre)
  8. Goblin Mercenaries (Silver Goblins, Crimson Goblins)
  9. Coliseum King and his Assisstant (1 Goblin Leader, 1 Troll)
  10. 2 Black Ogres, 2 Trolls, Goblin Leaders