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Conjurer's Staff is a weapon in Drakengard 3.



Chapter 5, Verse 2 - Shop (37800 Gold)


  • 5-Hit Chain
  • 1-Hit Aerial Attack
  • Template:Swing 'n Slam
  • Template:Forward Burst (Hold)
  • Template:Forward Charge (Hold)
  • Template:Downward Thrust

Weapon History[]

Level 1
No known magic could cure the little girl's disease. Her only joys were the nightly visits from a nameless masked conjurer who came to her with a magical staff in hand.

Level 2
The conjurer shared his arcane talents with her. One night, a shower of glittering light. The next, an orchestra of tiny songbirds. Another, the arc of a dazzling rainbow.

Level 3
Yet the disease slowly consumed the girl's body. One night, when her time was near, she smiled at the conjurer and thanked him. Then she grew cold and smiled no more.

Level 4
The conjurer had been forbidden from showing magic to others, but when he returned and confessed that he'd taken the staff without permission, his master told him to keep it. That night, the conjurer clutched the staff tightly and wept bitter tears.

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