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Some people call it the Citadel of Light. It's not just some backwater fort, you know. Oh no. Come on let's get inside.
— Urick, Drakengard 2

The Citadel of Light, also known as  the Castle of the Precious Light, was a stronghold for the Knights of the Seal and held the Key for the district that was protected by Lieutenant Yaha.


The Citadel of Light was a massive stronghold and a position of key strategic importance to the Knights of the Seal as it held one of the keys that kept the district in order. It also doubled as a Citadel for the former members of the Empire that were used to power the seal. It had a large garrison of Knights and even Wizards protecting it. Thanks to Yaha's magic, the Citadel was full of illusians and tricks that were meant as obsticles to impede the progress of invading armies. 

Drakengard 2[]

Eventually Manah, the leader of The Resistance as well as [[Nowe], Legna, and Urick assaulted the Citadel and despite fierce opposition by the Knights, the group managed to destroy the entire Garrison and destroy the Key and Yaha along with it along with freeing the captured prisoners that were inside, effectively annexing the location.