Drakengard Wiki

Verse 1: The Voice[]

A voice that only pact-partners may hear beckons fouth. Inuart refuses to believe that tragedy that the voice foretells.

Verse 2: To the Elf Village[]

The shadow of the Empire darkens the neutral lands. Caim strikes through the enemy and flies toward the village.

Verse 3: The Untrod Path[]

Again and again, Imperial soldiers appear to stand in their way. Can the elf village be safe?

Verse 4: Despair[]

The voice did not lie; the elf village lies in ruins. Inuart curses his weakness.

Verse 5: Ominous Words[]

What ill-omened prophecy lies behind the words carved bloodily upon the ground?

Verse V: A Distant Sound[]

On the corpse-strewn battleground, Leonard hears a sound from the forest of the seal.

Verse 6: Last Words[]

Amidst the ruins of the beautiful village, Caim hears a dying elf's tale.

Verse 7: A Hidden Shrine[]

Caim flies toward the valley where the faeries dwell. But first he must battle through the massed Imperial army.

Verse 8: A Secret Plan[]

What awaits them at the ruined shrine?

Verse 9: The False Country[]

The eyes of the corpses shine red. As doubt and unease graw, Verdelet's voice suddenly falls silent.

Verse IX: Liberation and Slaughter[]

What passion leads Caim's heart? Mercy... or revenge?

Verse X: A Lonely Battle[]

The Empire invades the valley of the faeries. Caim and the dragon soar upwards to burn the monsters from the sky!

Verse XI: Leonard's Lament[]

The hermit Leonard, ravished by anguish and guilt, looks upon the bodies of his brothers. Suddenly, a dancing light appears beside him.

Verse XII: Mockery[]

Leonard is brought back from the brink of death by the pact with the faerie. But he has merely chosen a different sort of hell.

Verse XIII: After the Torching[]

The valley of the faeries has become the haunt of the goblins. Caim must cut through the monsters to reach the heart of the valley!

Verse XIV: Feeling in the Dark[]

Though his eyes have become blind, Leonard can see the anger and hate in Caim's heart.