Drakengard Wiki

Verse 1: The Blooding[]

The Empire relentlessly advances, and the goddess, Furiae, protector of the world and sister to Caim, is threatened with capture.

Verse 2: To the Castle[]

The Empire attacks the castle where the goddess hides. Caim charges into battle to destroy the devils.

Verse 3: A Dragon[]

A dragon. A dragon like the one that slew his father and mother. But without its strength, Caim cannot survive.

Verse 4: The Way of the Sword[]

The battleground affords no respite... Caim must choose to live, and murder to survive.

Verse 5: A Pact[]

To escape death, Caim enters a pact with a dragon. Their promise to each other is simple. Live at all costs!

Verse 6: Shared Battles[]

Caim mounts the dragon and soars into the sky. Before him await the winged weapons of the Empire.

Verse 7: Quarry Chosen[]

The flying warships of the Empire surrounds Caim. Can their awesome firepower be overcome?

Verse 8: Hate's Strength[]

The Empire draws close to Furiae. Now is the time for Caim and the dragon to show the Imperial minions the power of the pact!

Verse 9: Pact Price[]

Caim has chosen to share his fate with that of a dragon. But at what cost?

Verse 10: Infestation[]

The Empire's forces have penetrated the castle. Caim must hurry to Furiae before it is too late!

Verse 11: A Goddess Saved[]

By the breath of a hair, Furiae is saved. Inuart decides to take Furiae to the safety of the elf village.

Verse 12: Inuart's Song[]

Their fortunes clouded, their future uncertain. Inuart sings a song of hope...