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Ceremonial Blade is a weapon in Drakengard 3.



  • Chapter 2, Verse 1 (Chest Item).


  • 8-hit
  • Aerial 3-hit
  • Maximum Spinslash: PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button PS Triangle Button
  • Helmcrusher: (Midair) An attack which slashes frontwards spinning in midair. Small attack area with high damage. Can slam launched enemy onto the ground.
  • Forward Spinslash: PS Square Button PS Triangle Button
  • Template:Sigil Strike

Weapon History[]

Level 1
The prince I serve was destined to lead our nation. But alas, we had been nearly destroyed in an unjust war; betrayed from within, and left to wither and die.

Level 2
The prince I serve grew into a strong, handsome young man. After much grueling toil, he rebuilt our land and became its king. It was a wonderful, wonderful land.

Level 3
But that land is long gone.You will find it on no map. And my king fell when his nation was defeated.

Level 4
My king kept his ceremonial blade close. And to the very end, he never suspected me. It remains a regret of mine. ...Ah, but no matter. It's just a silly little story now.

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