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An enormous city created by the Cataclysm. It enjoyed prosperity under the Church and its Magic Academy, but an accidental magic surge in 995 turned it into a ghost town. Also referred to as the "Old World" due to its ruins and status as the origin of all magic.
— Official Game Description, Drakengard 3

The Cathedral City, alternatively known as the Imperial City and retroactively referred to as the Old World, is a great futuristic city that appeared on the Iberian peninsula in AD 856, and was turned into a ghost town in AD 995 by a catastrophic magical upheaval. It was said to have been the origin of all magic, possessing spells that were beyond its time. It was ruled by One the Intoner and served as the capital of Midgard during the Intoners' rule. It became the capital of the Empire later on. It is where the Cult of the Watchers was originally formed and where the first sealing ceremony was held.


In year 856 the Great Disaster occurs which brings dragons, watchers, and otherworldly creatures to Midgard, while at the same time a mysterious city mysteriously appears. in 865, 11 years later, this mysterious seemingly modern city would be called the Cathedral City.

What the Cathedral itself was used for is not known, however given the many hundreds of books and records kept within its walls and that it was well stocked with troops when the Intoners liberated Midgard in The Intoner Resurgence, it can be assumed that it was the headquarters for either The Church or perhaps the Lords of the Land.

By year 998, the Intoners were created and One took up direct residence within the Cathedral where she oversaw the division of land amongst her sisters the empire as a whole. Zero would first battle her sisters on the steps directly outside of the Cathedral and lose, her arm being blown off and her dragon Michael being killed in the battle.


In the Sky[]

In the Sky of the Cathedral City is where Zero and One engage each other in aerial combat, while her Disciples fight the soldiers on the ground.



The Cathedral is at the center of the Cathedral City.

The Cathedral is where One created her brother in her scheme to kill Zero. She kept him locked in a room at the top of the Cathedral tower until the day Zero arrived.

In Branch A, Zero and Mikhail arrive at the Cathedral and fight their way to the top to confront One. After they meet, they both mount their respective dragons and engaging in battle. When Mikhail is fatally injured by Gabriel, he uses his final wish to make Gabriel weaker and making it possible for Zero to kill be him and One. After delivering the final blow, Zero is impaled from behind by One's brother and dies. After completing his sole duty, One wonders out of the Cathedral and starts a religion in honor of his now-deceased sister.

Underground Lair[]


The Underground Lair is a location under the Cathedral.

Two had left the orphans in the Underground Lair where they'd be safe until she returns from her missions. Cent had given the soldier Two's power in order to protect them. However, the magic backfired and all the soldiers in the Cathedral had become enhanced soldiers. The children in the Lair had all merged into the Homunculus. Two and Cent here forced to kill the beast which lead to Two losing her mind.

In Branch C, Zero arrives in the Underground Lair where she finds One sitting in wait with her Deamon, Abdiel. Upon Zero and Mikhail defeating the Golem trio, they opening portal to summon Gabriel. Mikhail sacrifices himself to kill One's dragon, leaving Zero to fight One alone. After killing One, Zero limps her way out of the Lair in search of another dragon, vomiting as she walks.



  • In the Sky is the only stage where the specter enemies appear.
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