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The Castle of the Goddess, also known as the Sanctuary, is the place that houses the Goddess of the Seal. It was situated not far away from Caerleon. A Remote Village is nearby.


When the Empire attacked the castle, Caim and the Union put a valiant struggle to ward off the attack. The Imperial Army was massive however, and the Union could barely keep their defense together. Caim fought bravely, but was soon fatally wounded. He noticed that soldiers of the Empire had begun to enter the castle. He immediately rushed to the castle so that he could protect his sister, the Goddess, Furiae.

He soon encountered a Red Dragon that was captured by the Empire within the Castle Bailey. The dragon was barely clinging to life and Caim, who was also close to death, made a pact with the dragon so they would both survive.The Red Dragon took to the skies with Caim mounted on it. Together, they destroyed the Imperial forces in the air and the enemy forces that were surrounding the castle.

Caim heads into the castle alone to save Furiae from the soldiers that had already entered the castle. When Furiae is attacked by Imperial soldiers, Inuart, her fromer betrothed tried to protect her. Caim soon saves them both and together they escape the castle to seek refuge in the Elf Village.

Eighteen years later, the castle would be used to house the Red Dragon after she became the next Goddess of the Seal. Its halls would be infested with restless souls of the undead and dark goblins, who beckoned to her call. Caim and the Red Dragon are finally put to rest at the very location they met.