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Captain's Guard is Decadus' weapon in Drakengard 3.



  • A gift from Decadus
  • Raise Decadus' Affinity


  • Infinite-Hit
  • Aerial 4-Hit
  • Template:Spin Slicer
  • Template:Endless Earthstriker (Tap)
  • Template:Charged Bullet Kick
  • Template:Aerial Storm

Weapon History[]

Level 1
I have gladly pledged loyalty to the king across time. No matter how hellish the fight or reckless the order, I have risked all to protect king and country.

Level 2
But the king has lost his life in battle. He was young, and newly crowned lord, he left behind no descendants. Who will I ever serve now?

Level 3
Wailing over such things will achieve nothing. My only job is to protect my country. My only mission is to serve my king.

Level 4
So I search. I search for a new body to replace the long-shattered muscle and bone that resided in this armor. I search for a new king worthy of wearing me.

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