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We are recorders. Our duty is to observe. But as I continue to record the singularity known as Zero, I begin to find myself filled with very strange emotions.
— Accord, Drakengard 3

Note: If you want to see the complete history of the DrakenNier Universe, see Timelines


Branches are the name for the many timelines within the single universe that is Drakengard. Not to be confused with being seperate universes/dimensions. For context the Taroverse has only 3 known universes, that being Drakengard, Nier, and SINoALICE. All 3 have different histories and physics. Branches are simply split timelines existing within the same one universe and are not classified as a seperate dimensions. Each Branch occurs when an event can has more than one response to it, an example being Branch D and E of Drakengard in which things occur different depending if Seere accompanies Caim and Angelus or not. 

A select few characters know of the existence of these other Branches, most notably Accord and Zero as well as a few characters from Nier Automata. Within the Taroverse there is a total of at least 44 different Branches. 4 from DOD3, 5 from DOD1, 3 from DOD2, 5 from NieR, 26 from NieR: Automata and 1 from SINoALICE


While certain Branches are considered more canon than others out of universe, I.E Branches that continue on to for considerable legnths of time including

  • Route E: DOD3 Story Side
  • Route A: DOD1  (leads into DOD2)
  • Route E: DOD1 (leads into NieR)
  • Route C: DOD2
  • Route D: NieR
  • Route E: NieR Replicant ver. 1.22...
  • Route E: NieR: Automata

However in universe all universes are equally as canon as any other as each branch is researched by Accord until she deems them no longer relevent and at that point the branch will be closed (presumably destroyed). The reason why Accord studies all of these branches is unknown.


  • Nier Automata has the most Branches of any game, 26.
  • Drakengard 2 has the least Branches of any game, 3.