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Bartas is the gatekeeper of the Mercurius Gate. He makes his first appearance with a faeire in Chapter 4 of Drag-On Dragoon Utahime Five. His age is not stated in the manga, but he appears to be in his 40s until he is seemingly brought back to life as a young boy. He also has a mechanical left arm.

Bartas has an uncanny ability to heal and/or reconstruct his body from almost nothing; however, he seems to be weak against dragon-based weapons since he was nearly obliterated into the ground by an unconscious, hyper-mode One.  

He is able to read and speak the language of the Old World due to the fact that he was originally discovered sleeping within the inner walls of the Cathedral City leading up to the Mercurius Gate. Exactly who he is and where he gets his incredible power from is unknown. 


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Drag-On Dragoon Utahime Five

The Lords of the Land, on their quest for power, lead Bartas back to the final Seal to open the Mercurius Gate. He accesses a console next to it where a small hologram of Accord appears, asking for a password. He inputs a verbal password, but Accord states that the password is wrong and to "come again soon." At that moment, Bartas is transported somewhere unknown and is not seen again. He later reemerges to fight Zero and One and reveals his duty as the gatekeeper of the Mercurius Gate. After defeating Zero, One, Gabriella and even Michael in combat, Gabriella resorts to using her "final wish" to become a beast and eventually being able to defeat Bartas for good.

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  • It is heavily implied that Bartas is an Android like Accord due to being a remnant of the Old World.
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