Balberith's Tears

Balberith's Tears is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • powerful overhead strike.



  • Eye of the Jinn: Causes cyclone from the storm god that damage nearby enemies.



  • Chapter 12, Verse 3
Kill ALL the grotesqueries.

Weapon History

Level 1

Balberith is the demon who seals all pacts between devils and humans. His evil contracts sends ill-fortuned men and women one after the other into hell.

Level 2

One time, Balberith fell in love with a human woman. This woman's father was very sick, and she appealed to the demons to save her father.

Level 3

But Balberith knew that with a contract, she would be thrown into hell and lost to him forever. He thought and thought, and at last decided that he himself would go to hell in her place.

Level 4

But when he hurried to the girl's home, he found the father dead; the girl's lifeless body lay beside him, as if in sleep. Ignorant of death, the demon tried to shake her awake, over and over again.

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