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Azure Cleaver is a weapon in Drakengard 3.


  • Chapter 4, Verse 1 - Shop (21000).


  • 6-Hit
  • Template:Lasso Strike
  • Template:Spinning Ring Toss
  • Template:Ring Toss
  • Template:Aerial Swirl
  • Template:Aerial Cyclone

Weapon History[]

Level 1
The small island was surrounded on all sides by the sea. It was a quiet place, blessed by beautiful, verdant nature. And once, it was were violent criminals were sent to die.

Level 2
Atop a cliff was a grave etched with a bladed blue ring. Fresh flowers covered it every day. "Who lies here?" the young boy asked. "A criminal," responded the old man.

Level 3
"Then why the flowers?" asked the boy. "Because," said the man, "he led a revolution in an effort to improve the lives of all. Here he led a pure life, and here he finally died."

Level 4
And with that, the old man fell silent and gazed out to sea. The grave's blue ring reflected the blue of the sky, while the waves added a dark tone to the sharpened blade.

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