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Behold the third song: Quickened Puppets of Antiquity! The raging demon's deathly gaze... The army of heretics that rejects the natural cycle... Render into ash the powers of reason and order! I, Octa, summon thee in my name... Armisael, Invade!
— Octa, Drakengard 3

Armisael are fifty giant doll-like creatures who serve as Three's Angels. Three summons them to fight Zero in the Land of Forests but they are defeated by Zero and Mikhail. Octa is also able to summon them at the cost of his human form. The command to summon them is "Armisael, invade."


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Armisael appears as wires that restricts Three's enemies at her call.

After the Intoners were resurrected, Armisael was able to come in material form.

Armisael accompanies Three on her mission to destroy her failed experiments. However, they do not aid her in combat.


Branch A
Three forces Octa to summon Armisael to fight Zero. The legion of dolls was ultimately defeated and Three was devoured by Mikhail.

Branch B: The Price to Pay
Armisael is summoned by Three to fight Zero in the Forest Country. After they are defeated, Three appears to tell Zero of One's presence in the forest.

Branch C: Vomit

Branch D: Flower

Octa summons Armisael to save Zero from One's attack, at the cost of his human form. Armisael were torn apart by One's power as they tried to restrain her.

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Armisael are giant doll-like figures with glowing joins, eyes and mouths. They are the result of Three's attempts to make a doll look "cute", like a baby. They come in various sizes. In Utahime Five, there were ones that were barely waste high. In the first battle with Zero, there were many that towered over Mikhail; And one that was double the size of those. 


Armisael have very fragile bodies and are easily dispatched. However, they are many in number and attack in swarms. They also can jump great heights and fall onto their enemies. Many of the larger ones can attach themself to a target and self-destruct, causing massive damage. The largest one can jump farther distances and shoot energy blast from its core.



  • Armisael is the name of the Angel of the Womb.