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Behold the fourth song: Impenetrable Shield of Antiquity! The rare power granted to our own... The stout citadel that protects us... Cast your blighted sins upon these very skies! I, Decadus, summon thee in my name... Armaros, uphold!
— Decadus, Drakengard 3

Armaros is a sky fortress that is held afloat by several Wyverns and is powered by five magic cores. The command to summon it is "Armaros, uphold."


Armaros appears as a Paralyzing spell that is called by Four's song.

After the Intoners were resurrected, Armaros was able to come in material form.

Branch A
Four rode atop Armaros' castle form as she fights Zero in the air. In the battle Zero manages to destroy many of the cores and render the castle defenseless. However, even after Four had been slain, the castle remained aloft in the air.

Branch D
Decadus summons the castle to aid Zero by slowing down the movement of Three's dragon, Ezrael. It remains in the background of the battle casting its spell to impede with the dragon's movement.


Armaros is a flying sky fortress and is fully armed with magic barriers and turrets. The magic barrier catches incoming flying enemies and guides them to one of its cores, where it is heavily protected by turrets. Armaros also has a reserve of Wyverns which can be sent out to engage the enemies while they are trapped in the barrier.



Armaros is the name of a fallen angel (Grigori or "Watcher") from the Book of Enoch who taught men enchantments and sorcery.[1]