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DRAG-ON DRAGOON 2 ~Angel's memory~ (ドラッグ オン ドラグーン2 ~Angel's memory~) is a parody game concept that was first published in the Drag-on Dragoon 2 ~Memory of Blood~ materials book on November 25, 2005. Kimihiko Fujisaka created the character designs and the mock screenshots.

Like Angelegna, this game concept is a joking bonus for readers of the book. Unlike the dating game, this concept had a higher rating of likely development at 30%, praising the new take on the series's fantasy with Angel as a true heroine.

Its sales pitch is to present a light fantasy RPG that takes place 10,018 years after the first game. Keywords for this title's theme are "rebirth and growth."


  • Hero (主人公) - a boy stand-in for the player. He meets Angel by chance and decides to protect her on her journey. He is actually half human, half dragon, but he does not have the power to morph into a dragon.
  • Angel - reincarnation of the Red Dragon who was sealed 10,018 years prior. She is amnesic, and her only memory is Caim, the lover of her past life. She travels with the hero searching for Caim. She apparently cannot use her dragon powers in her youngest form.
  • One-eyed swordsman - a man encountered during the boy and the girl's journey. He appears to know Caim.
  • Two unnamed characters - a duo who protect Angel when she cannot use her dragon powers. Their mysterious powers and their true objectives are a mystery.