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"Одиночество и хаос на всю вечность."

— Ундина и Саламандра

Ундина и Саламандра (англ. Undine and Salamander) - это партнеры по пакту Ариош и великие духи воды и огня соответственно.


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Drakengard Когда Ариош была на грани смерти в Имперской тюрьме, эти два духа появились перед ней и убедили безумного эльфа заключить пакт. Ценой за этот договор была ее плодовитость из-за чего она больше не могла иметь детей, а печать должна была находиться на ее животе. Эти два элементальных духа принимают форму двух парящих шаров огня и воды, соответственно. Подобно Анжелусу, два духа говорят вместо своего партнера, так как Ариош психически сломлена и не может говорить ни о чем существенном. Они скрепили свой договор с Ариоша из-за ее чрезмерно сильных "отрицательных эмоций".

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Ending Paths

the Anguish of an unsmiling Watcher
Arioch follows Caim until the eventual sealing ceremony performed upon the red dragon by Verdelet. Both the spirits and Arioch live on.

flowers for the Broken spirit
Arioch follows Caim until the eventual defeat of the monstrous Furiae and the awakening of her clones. It is unlikely that she or her pact-beasts survive this apocalyptic event.

a Companion's eternal farewell
Arioch follows Caim until the eventual defeat of Angelus and the uprising of the dragons. It is unlikely that she or her pact-beasts survive this apocalyptic event.,

the wild dreams of a Deluded child & the End of the dragon sphere
The death of the High Priestess causes the Sky Fortress to collapse, killing the Goddess in the process. Manah's death angers the Watchers, as all order in the world begins to collapse with the final seal's destruction. The Watchers descend from the crimson sky, along with their leader, the Queen-beast. As Caim's party hurries to defeat the Queen-beast, they are surrounded by a horde of Watchers. After she kills and devours one of them, Arioch is thrilled at the prospect of feeding several children at once and willingly offers herself to the giant infants. They eat her alive, her last breaths spent uttering mad cries of pleasure. Her death inevitably led to the demise of her pact-beasts.

Окончание спойлеров.


Undine and Salamander are never seen apart from one another and never share different opinions. They appear to share a singular mind; when they speak it is in unison or alternating. While Salamander has a strict and masculine way of talking and Undine sounds more feminine, they do not have real genders. They also seem to be devoid of emotions as they don't seem concerned about the safety of their pact-partner.


As the great spirits of water and fire respectively, they possess the ability to manipulate these elements.



  • Throughout the entire game, Undine and Salamander only appear 4 times (3 times with dialogue).
  • They are two of the four elementals, the others being Sylph (wind) and Gnome (earth).
  • Thought they have dialogue, they did not have voice acting in the original Japanese version of the game.
  • Undine и Salamander появляются в Voice of Cards: The Beasts of Burden в качестве противников.